Purchase or Sale of a Home

Real Estate Transaction Lawyer

Many clients engage a lawyer only after all of the details of a real estate transaction have been finalized. Essentially, they contact a lawyer simply to ensure clear title, handle closing activities and help with mortgage documentation.

However, a real estate lawyer’s role covers much more than the above.

My job is to ensure that your interests are protected and that you receive what you expected when you buy or sell your home or condominium. I can help you avoid unexpected complications and expenses, as well as protect you from liability if anything goes wrong.

A home purchase or sale may be the biggest financial venture you have ever undertaken. Let me help you protect your interests in such a major transaction.

Buying Or Selling Your Home

Depending on your needs, my services may include:

  • Helping you negotiate terms that protect your best interests, including conditions that must be met by the other side before the deal is finalized

  • Discussing your intentions for the property (for example, extensive renovations or using it as rental property) if you are purchasing and making sure it is suitable for your purposes

  • Examining the purchase and sale agreement and explaining any confusing terms or possible problems

  • Explaining land surveys and title insurance

  • Acting on a joint retainer for mortgages or refinancing, ensuring that the bank has a valid charge registered against the property and attending to administrative matters such as purchasing title insurance

  • Completing the closing process

Failure to have competent legal advice from the beginning may leave you with a difficult choice: taking on property that is not suitable for what you intend or that has unexpected problems, or backing out of closing and possibly exposing yourself to the loss of your deposit or a lawsuit from the other party.

Let me help you avoid those scenarios.